What is Advanced Photo System (APS)?

Is a photography system developed for some companies like Kodak, Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon, and others, in order to make easyer and better the photo taking and developing process. They developed APS Cameras that use APS Film. Some of the features are described in this page.

1 - 3 Pictures Format:

Pictures Formats
You can set your camera according to the format you would like to have your final picture. If you want to enlarge or reprint a picture in another format, you can tell the lab to change it.

2 - Mid Roll Advanced:
You can take the film out of the camera without having it finhished, insert another one, and the camera will advanced the film to the picture it was before. The advantage? i.e. you can change from ISO 100 at daylight to ISO 400 for night pictures, on your vacations to the Caribean! so you don't risk the light quality in your prints because of the film speed.

3 - Print Proof:
This one is neat! when you delevop the film, you get like a print proof, horizontal size, with all the picture, mini size, on it. So you won't have to kill your eyes by looking trough a negative anymore, to find out the pictures you are looking for to enlarge or reprint.

4 - Negative Stored in the Cartrige:
This is good to protect your negatives from dust, fingers, and others. If you want to reprint a picture, pick up your print proof and cartridge to the lab.

5 - Smart Film:
Yes, a kind of smart. The film records information about shutter speed and aperture. Then, the processing machine at the lab reads this information in order to get properly adjusted for your final print.

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